Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my Thai escort girls travel with me?

Yes of course, the escort can also act as your very own tour guide too. In Bangkok our girls will know exactly where all the shopping malls, good restaurants, and entertainment venues are. As a result you will have a resident’s knowledge of Bangkok, she will in addition be able to put together a great list of things to do or see at your request. If you are traveling to other parts of Thailand then your escort will be able to accompany you.

What services do your escorts provide?

Our escorts offer their time, companionship and private experience for your personal private leisure, social or business engagements. Please let us know of any special requests that you might have.

Do you provide services for bachelors' parties?

Yes. Please advise your requirements.

Why are some of the girl's faces hidden?

There are several reasons why some girls ask us to hide their face. Many of our girls are university students or have professional careers and only work as an escort on a part-time basis. For others the reason is personal: they don’t want their friends and or family to know that they are working as an escort. We do meet all of our girls and only agree to hide pictures when we are satisfied that they are recent and genuine.

Is there a way that I can find out what types of service each lady is offering?

Yes, call us please or find out from the website.

What if I don't like the escort?

It is very unlikely. We will also do everything to meet your requirements and ensure that you have a pleasant and exciting time with our escorts. If, for some reason, our escort is not to your liking, please pay a fee of 1000 Baht for her effort, time and transportation upon her arrival.

What about health issues?

All of the girls are and shall remain tested regularly. They engage in only safe activities which put them at minimal risk for any kind of infection and we expect the same from our customers. Do not ask for anything that will put them at risk as they will decline it immediately.

What type of service can I expect

Your booking with Exclusive Bangkok Escorts is a guaranteed Full Service Package. There are no further costs or charges beyond the rates listed.

What will your escorts wear for our encounter or our date?

Our escorts have good wardrobe selection and will always dress appropriately for the occasion. You can rest assured that while they may turn some heads, they will never be out of place wherever you meet. If you have special requests, please feel free to let us know when booking and we will inform the escort of your request.

Why do I have to fill in my ethnicity?

As an agency we welcome every nationality, but we cannot decide for our Bangkok escorts girls what they should do or not. Every lady has her own preferences. They should be able to stick to their preferences. This is not only in the best interest of our ladies but also for you as our valuable customer. A date between two people can never be as relaxing and genuine if one partner isn’t feeling comfortable with it. Our Bangkok escorts girls work with us in a free and no pressure environment as it should be.

What is the best way to contact you?

For the quickest and easiest response please contact us directly by phone. Emails and SMS reservations for advanced appointments are welcome. We do respond to emails very quickly as well. Mostly within 5-10minutes

Can I arrange to meet the model privately without making a booking through Exclusive Bangkok Escorts?

Each appointment must be booked only through Exclusive Bangkok Escorts, the girls will refuse any request to meet their privately. Please do not ask for their mobile number, the companion will refuse your request this in order to protect their privacy.

Can I book two girls at the same time?

Yes, but we need to know specifically the roles that you’d expect them to play. Also, it is based on availability of the most suitable pairing.

Can I book an escort from you to entertain my girlfriend/wife and myself?

Yes, but it is important to inform us in advance as not all girls are comfortable with that. We need to send someone that actually looks forward to such an arrangement.

Can I speak with the escort before the booking?

Most of our escorts lead private and hectic lives so it is not possible to arrange calls prior to booking. But rest assured, we will pass on any special requirements on your behalf.

How long do we need to process a booking?

At least two hours advance notice is needed for a Bangkok Escort.

What information will you need in order for me to make a booking?

We will need your full name, contact number and the exact address where you require the escort’s services. Be assured that your information is held in the strictest confidence. We will never contact you in the future with any special developments or promotions at Exclusive Bangkok Escorts

Are the rates negotiable?

The rates are as published on each escort’s profile page and are not negotiable, unless we have agreed long-term booking package rates. Our rates are in fact extremely competitive considering the high quality of our ladies and the experience they provide.

When and how do I make payments?

To ensure the privacy and discretion of both the service provider and client, we will only accept cash preferable in Thai Baht. By prior agreement we accept British Pounds, Euro, US Dollar. Our female companions are instructed by our agency to ask for the payment within 15 minutes upon arrival of the lady. Rejection or replacement will be subjected to charge 1000 Baht for transportation. On the day of your date, please call us from your hotel at least one hour before your date is due to start so your companion has sufficient time to arrive on time.

What if I have other questions or require more information?

If you have any questions at all or would like to enquire further on our rates or services, please feel free to call us at 062-015-7185 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions. Rest assured that all communication between us is private and confidential.